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Day 4

The day started early with a breakfast meeting with a good O’Neill customer Mike of Relic Surf Shop. He also works at Mount Washington as head of the Snowboard program and plays a key role for Snowboarding on a national level. We met at the Blue Room Café and we spent at least an hour together but he had to leave to get back to his new project of building his satellite store at the Junction. Before I left I went to pay my bill and the waitress told me that he had picked up our tab. What a guy! When you read this post Mike, I was going to pay but you beat me too it! Thanks so much! By the way we were the first ones in the restaurant as we met at 7 AM but when I left it was packed, and I’m not surprised my breakfast was fantastic a medley of kale, onions, peppers, chorizo topped with two poached eggs and crispy bacon on top. Hats off to the Blue Moon Café!

Right after I left I knew I had to take some photos at the lighthouse in UKEE and I knew that Rich was probably still sleeping. I have been at this location with Mary Ann in the past so it was appropriate that I take a few pics. Ucluelet is indeed a beautiful place! When I first visited Ucluelet probably 40 years ago there were no fancy restaurants or beachside resorts not to mention the abundance of beautiful water front homes but a place this amazing doesn’t stay a secret forever.

was looking forward to picking up Rich and on my way I dropped off the Jack O’Neill Surfboard at Jay’s place. I have had this antique The goal of giving it to him is that he will be doing his best to sell it with all the proceeds to Mary Ann’s Favorite Charity. Dr. Honey and his team are doing please visit his website which gives a very clear picture of all the great work being done. If you want to bid on the surf board contact Jay at

This board is over 50 years old, the inscription shown is saying it’s number 4167 and shaped by Becker and built in Jack’s surf shop in Santa Cruz CA. The Head office is still in Santa Cruz and I’ll be visiting all my good friends and co workers in Santa Cruz during the last week of August when Mary Ann’s Electric Drive makes it to the West Coast of Northern California. A real collectors item.

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