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EV Mad Dash: St. John's NL to Victoria BC KM 0 to Mile 0

This is the first post since Kent Rathwell and I left at 9:29 AM Monday September 13th from KM 0 in St. John's

I’m very pleased to let you know that Kent Rathwell and I have safely completed the EV Dash across Canada from KM 0, Downtown St. John’s Newfoundland to Mile 0 in Victoria, BC.

We left Monday the 13th of September at 9:29 AM and completed the trip at 11:29 PM on Friday the 17th.

This Mad EV Dash set an authenticated record by FEVER an authenticating company for world records.

This trip was authenticated by FEVER as a world record for the fastest distance across Canada from coast to coast from both ends of the TCH in a fully electric vehicle.

Quote on LinkedIn from Danny Halmo, Executive Producer Director of FEVER. “ Fastest transit from km zero to mile zero via the Trans- Canada highway by electric vehicle. A journey that included 10 hrs and 2 ferry rides 3 islands 38 dc level 3 fast charger stops and crossed 5 time zones over 7079 km in 4 days in 18.5 hrs and zero minutes and all on less than 400$ in charging fees.

This week I’ll be posting lots of video footage from the trip on my YouTube channel.

I should have them all uploaded within a few days. In the mean time you can check out Polarsteps from this link for photos and videos that are already uploaded.

I do have a sneak peak at my first video of many more to come from this record setting trip. Here is the link.

This video starts when Kent Rathwell arrives at St. John’s International Airport Sunday Morning, the day before we leave on the EV Dash across Canada in my Audi e-tron. It shows some of the activities we did including my brother Mel who is joining us for the first 2 days of this Mad Dash which I like to call this crazy drive. Our plan is to make it to our destination from KM 0 of the Trans Canada Mile 0 in St. John’s NL to Mile 0 over 7,500 KM away including 2 Ferries, from the most easterly city to the most Westerly City on the Trans Canada Hwy. The Trans Canada Highway is the longest transcontinental Hwy in North America and the 4th Largest in the world. I did take many more shorter videos during the same time period and I will be posting them separately and in chronological order. I hope you have some time to take them all in.

Polarsteps photo journal website where you can see photos and short videos along the route. Polarsteps includes a map of the area of the world where the photos and videos were taken and each respective location or “Step” is identified on this map by a circle that you can click on. Or you can scroll through the photos and the location where these photos and videos were taken shows on the map as well.

A main compenent of this Fast EV Drive is to raise money for Mary Ann’s favorite charity which is research for Parkinson’s and a variety of other brain disorders.

Mary Ann, my wife of 27 years past away from Cancer in June of 2018 at 63 years of age. She supported this research because she suffered a life threatening brain aneurysm 21 years ago and her surgeon who performed the emergency brain surgery of a full Craniotomy saved her life.

Dr. Honey’s main focus at UBC & Vancouver General Hospital is research on Parkinson’s and other brain disorders.

Every Christmas Mary Ann would send a nice card and check to support his research. A month before Mary Ann passed away we both made a visit to Dr. Honey’s office and from her estate she donated a sizeable sum as a legacy donation. It’s for this reason that I am continuing the support for Dr. Honey’s research in Mary Ann's name which includes the training of neurosurgeons around the world to be able to use his surgical techniques to their respective communities. These surgical techniques improve the quality of life for thousands of patients around the world.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Here is the link to donate.

Fundraising for VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation ( A tax receipt will be issued right away by email.

Thanks and hope you enjoy all the videos and photos and stories along Mary Ann’s Electric Drive 2.0.

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