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Cruising through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

I was very fortunate that after my trip back east for 4 days to attend my Cousin Deena's celebration of life for her late husband in Calgary on the 26th of August. The same night I flew to Vancouver where my brother Mel and his wife Marisa were attending their Daughter's wedding as well as get in at my golf club a tournament which the lefty's defeated the righty's in a annual fun grudge match. By the way I am on Team Lefty and we beat the righty's for a second consecutive year. The same evening I took the red eye flight back to Halifax where my car was waiting for me. I first headed to Fredericton where I stayed a couple of days, did some cycling, visited with my cousin's Judy and Arnold. On the Thursday morning the 3rd of September I let Marisa experience my Audi and had her drive my Audi and Mel in their Volvo from Fredericton to their summer Campground in Cap Pele. We had a great time however the weather was windy and wet. Marisa was very good to let Mel accompany me to my next stop of Newfoundland.

We took the night Ferry from Sydney Nova Scotia on the Sunday the 5th and arrived the following morning in Port Aux Basque. We immediately drove to Grous Morne National Park where we did some hiking and sight seeing.

In preparation for the FAST EV Drive leaving this coming Monday the 13th of September we drove on Wednesday as fast as we could within reason from Deer Lake to St. John's a distance of 645 KM and including 4 stops to charge for a total of 8 hours and 15 minutes.

Here's the view from our hotel the following morning. We were pleasantly surprised that my good friend Alex was in St. John's the same day we were. Alex or common called Axel I've known as a good friend since 1973 from the Tony Sailor Ski Camps and the manager of the ski and rental shop at Mount Seymour. He was visiting with his wife Noella. We had a great visit together and so amazing to see him and Noella. Later that day Mel and I did some sightseeing at the famous Signal Hill a National Historic site which is a must see for any tourist or adventurer!!

Last night St. John's experienced a Hurricane called Hurricane Larry and the brunt of the storm hit St. John's around 2 in the morning. I took a video and you can view it from my YouTube Channel. As I write this post this video has over 7,400 views in about 13 hours since it was posted early this morning. This is the most views I have every had for any video in such a short period of time! Crazy!!!!

Tomorrow my Co Pilot Kent Rathwell will be flying in from Calgary for the start of our fast EV Drive.

Here is a post from his company Sun Country Highway of the Fast EV drive. He arranged some graphics to be on my car. Check it out here.

The World’s fastest 100% Electric Dash across North America

On Monday, September 13th, 2021 the fastest all-electric trip across North America will commence!

On Monday, September 13th Harvey Soicher and Kent Rathwell, President and Founder of Sun Country Highway will be hitting the road for the the fastest all-electric trip across Canada. This “race against time” will begin in St. John's, Newfoundland at Km 0 and end in Victoria, British Columbia at Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway (aka The World’s Longest Green Highway). This 5-day trip in an all-electric SUV, will set the fastest electric car (EV) trip across the widest point in North America. In honour of Harvey's late wife, Mary Ann, the trip is being called Mary Ann’s Electric Drive 2.0. The couple had planned to buy an electric vehicle and drive across Canada to visit the East Coast once they retired, but sadly, Mary Ann lost her battle with Cancer before they had the chance. Harvey and Kent will be making approximately 38 stops to charge on the ever-expanding Canadian network of EV Charging stations.

Follow the Journey:

As Always a key part of this drive is to support Parkinson's and other Brain Disorders which is my late wife's Mary Ann's favorite Charity.

Please click here for more info and to donate. Your support is greatly appreicated and you will recieve a tax deductible receipt for those living in Canada.

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