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My name is Harvey Soicher, my wife Mary Ann sadly passed away from a battle with cancer June of 2018. She and I had planned on buying an Electric Car. Neither of us have ever been to Newfoundland. It was far away on the other side of Canada, but inviting. We wanted to check out the unique scenery, the rugged coastlines,  the famous icebergs and  or even more important the people of Newfoundland who had the reputation of being the most heartwarming and welcoming people that you would meet anywhere in the world. 

I took this journey with Mary Ann always in my heart and in spirit as I dedicated this drive to her.  I called this Epic Journey "Mary Ann's Electric Drive" so…. On June 25th 2019, I took delivery of my new Audi Etron Quattro 55. The first 100% Battery powered Electric car that Audi has produced and the first model of many to come. I was the first customer in Western Canada to own an Audi E-Tron, and I'm very happy to say that the drive which started on July 2nd was successfully completed September 2nd 2019.   

The journey took me from my home in Vancouver and started in the opposite direction of my first goal of St. John’s Newfoundland.  Accompanied with my first co-pilot Rich Galan we took the BC Ferry to Victoria where we dipped the wheels of my new Audi into the Pacific Ocean a few hundred meters from Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Hwy.  From there we drove up to the tip of Vancouver Island, took the Ferry through the Inside Passage Route to Prince Rupert just south of the Alaska Panhandle.  Once we arrived in Prince Rupert we were finally heading east to Newfoundland.   The route took me to Prince George BC then into Alberta and Jasper, Banff and Calgary.   From there I picked up my new co-pilot Jungle Jim Hunter of Canadian Ski Racing fame.  Jungle was born in Shaunavon Saskatchewan and the perfect tour guide to drive with for 3 days over the prairies to Winnipeg Manitoba.  Jim left me there and I drove solo into the lake head region of Ontario, South to Toronto, and East again to Montreal.   I picked up my 3rd co-pilot Phil and we drove to Quebec City and to Fredericton NB.   Phil was only with me for 2 days but my brother Mel who lives in Fredericton joined me and on August 1st we drove to the Bay of Fundy, Shediac then over the Centennial Bridge to PEI an then a ferry back to Nova Scotia and on to Sydney in Cape Breton Island.  Mel flew home and then the morning of the 5th I boarded a larger ferry to Port Aux Basque the SE corner of Newfoundland.  3 days of driving and discovering the rugged beauty of Gross More National Park I arrived in St. John’s and Kilometer “0” of the Trans Canada Hwy.  On August 11th and very early in the morning I drove to Cape Spear to see the sun rise at the furthest East point in North America, Cape Spear.  A few hours later drove back to St. John’s and dipped my Audi’s front wheels into Quid Vida Harbour.  A very emotional moment for me to complete the drive across Canada from coast to coast!

The following day I started my return home west  by taking the Ferry just west of St. John’s from Argentina back to Sydney Nova Scotia.   Instead of retracing my steps through Canada I headed back first to Halifax, then the Digby Ferry to St. John NB and on August 16th Crossed the US Canada border into Maine.  For the next 17 days I drove south west down the eastern seaboard to Hartford, New Jersey, Washington DC, then west to Nashville and then NW to St. Louis.  The next morning and just a few miles west of St. Louis I decided to do a Cannonball run to see how far I could go in a day.   I left at 8 AM and drove 1440 KM to Dillon Colorado and arrived at 2 AM in the morning the following day.   From Dillon on to Moab Utah,  Las Vegas Nevada, Santa Cruz in Northern California and then up the Interstate 5 through Oregon and Washington and arrived home the Monday night of September 2nd . The total Kilometers driven just over 22,300 KM and a total of 63 days on the road.

To see photos and stories of this entire trip you can simply click on this link https://www.polarsteps.com/harveysoicher/1873708-mary-ann-s-electric-drive

​There was more than one purpose for this trip. First is to show that a 100% Battery Electric Vehicle or BEV can make it across Canada and the USA but on highways more remote where finding an EV charger may be a challenge.  

You can see a full EV Charging Log which will be a record of all the charging sites used on the drive, types of chargers, how long and how far each charge took my Audi as well as all the factors that determine the performance, battery efficiency and range of each charge.  Through this trip I was able to get a variety of articles and press to report on my journey as well as my New Audi.  Simply go to the section in the website for the Charging Log and Audi Reviews.  ​

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Dr. Chris Honey and Mary Ann, May 2018

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