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About Mary Ann's Electric Drive 


My name is Harvey Soicher,  my wife Mary Ann sadly passed away from a battle with cancer  June of 2018. She and I had planned on buying an Electric Car. Neither of us have ever been to Newfoundland. It was far away on the other side of Canada, but inviting. We wanted to check out the unique scenery, the rugged coastlines,  the famous icebergs and  or even more important the people of Newfoundland who had the reputation of being the most heartwarming and welcoming people that you would meet anywhere in the world. 

I will take  this journey with Mary Ann  always in my heart and with me in spirit as I dedicate this drive to her.  I will call this Epic Journey  "Mary Ann's Electric Drive"

Near the end of June, I will be taking delivery of a new Audi Etron Quattro 55. The first 100% Battery powered Electric car that Audi has produced and the first model of many to come. I will be one of the first Canadian's to own an Audi E-Tron, and I'm very excited to drive my  new Electric Audi from coast to coast.  

I will start by leaving my home in Vancouver and take the BC Ferries to (Mile 0) and finishing in St. John’s NFLD 7,821 km (4,860 mi.). I will then decide if I will ship the Audi back to Vancouver or... drive back through the Maritimes, cross into the USA into the state of Maine and continue down to Boston, New York, Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis,  Denver, Southern Utah, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and then finally home in Vancouver .

There is more than one purpose for this trip. First is to show that an 100% Battery Electric Vehicle or BEV can make it across  across Canada and the USA but on highways more remote where finding an EV charger may be a challenge.  


I will be documenting my trip several ways including an EV Charging Log which will be a record of all the charging sites used on the drive, types of chargers, how long and how far each charge took my Audi as well as all the factors that determine the performance, battery efficiency and range of each charge. I will also give you a great review on this exciting new Audi Electric Vehicle.

I'll be taking lots of photos along the way and you will be able follow along on an app called Polarsteps. You will be able to track my exact location in real time and see the photos taken along the route where they were taken as indicated on the map.  


I will post new stories daily of all my adventures, featuring all of the sites I encounter and the people I meet along the way. Mary Ann's Electric Drive will start on July 2, of this year and  I cant wait to take you on this trip with me.

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Thanks so much!  


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Dr. Chris Honey and Mary Ann, May 2018

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