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Presentation to VEVA

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I became a member of VEVA (Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association) about 3 weeks ago after finding this association by looking at a photo of a car on Plug Share. I signed up right away and went to my first meeting called a Coffee Meeting which is held every

The Route for Mary Ann's Electric Drive

Saturday at the new Emily Carr Campus on Great Northern Way in Vancouver. I was welcomed with open arms and I discussed my trip across Canada with so many members. Everyone I talked to was so supportive and helpful with everything to do about EV's. I was asked by Ron Burton resident to do a presentation on my new Audi and Mary Ann's Electric Drive. I agreed and earlier this week on Tuesday evening at the Hillcrest Community Center along with 2 other presenters I did my Presentation. The MC and coordinator Venkatesh was very helpful and he gave me an outline to follow. I created a PowerPoint presentation and presented in front of about 50 members. It went very well with only one hitch where the sound didn't come through the sound system for a video clip on the trailer for "The Revenge of the Electric Car" but other than that it was very successful and everyone seemed very interested in following my trip. If you want to see the trailer and My PowerPoint presentation can download it here: Thanks for checking out "Mary Ann's Electric Drive" 11 more days till the Journey starts!

Your's Truly


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