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Video review by Ken Boker of the "EV Revolution Show"

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Last Friday the 19th I had a request and met for a video interview with Ken Boker of the online show called "The EV Revolution Show" . When he arrived at my nephews place in Carlisle, west of Toronto where I was staying it was pouring rain so we went into the house and talked for about an hour of his show, my trip and everything EV's. As soon as the rain stopped Ken set up the camera's near my Audi and we started the video. He also set up his camera's in side the car for the driving section of the video.

Yesterday afternoon I received the link to the youtube video so here it is: I hope you like it.

If you do please sign up for Ken's show in the small red box , subscriptions. The link to his show is here:

Tomorrow morning the 25th of July I'll be visiting the TSN studio for another interview for their motoring show. I'll give you more info on this interview as it happens.

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