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Day 2 of Mary Ann's Electric Drive (On the way to Tofino/Ucluelet)

Day 2:

To all my blog followers:

Rich and I had a great day. It started out with breakfast downtown Victoria at the White Spot. with Val and Tony Sharp (bottom right)

who are great friends of Mary Ann and me.

Paid a visit to the local Audi Dealer, Victoria Audi and met with David the sales manager. I told him what Mary Ann’s Electric Drive was all about and that I am driving a brand new Audi E-tron. He offered a free level 3 charge right away and it was good that we did as it would take us to our next destination of Ucluelet without having to charge enroute. We had a great visit and then we were on our way for the first extended daily trip. Day 1 was mostly a ferry ride and visiting Mile 0, lunch then golf so not really getting very far on the way to NFLD.

We stopped at the Malahat lookout met some people from Salt Lake City, then continued on to Nanaimo to have lunch at the Nanaimo Golf & Country Club. I stopped there as Chris Wilson the Head Pro is a customer of mine for O’Neill shorts and Glenayr Golf Belts. Once we finished lunch we started to get into our drive to Ucluelet be we had one more stop to see Colin of the Island Longboards. Once we were there I met Meg and she told me that Colin and his wife Sabine sold the shop and are now living in Nova Scotia. I’ll do my best to hook up with them when I eventually get to Nova Scotia in about a month from now. So now we are off again and the scenery was beautiful and the road was even better. Twisting and turning and I since I had most of the driving being done by Rich and that there was no cell service I took over the wheel. Now where Rich is doing his best to drive conservatively and maximize our driving efficiency I took over the wheel and since we had lots of range I drove aggressively and had a ball. Wow the Audi took the corners great and performed with power, precision and I think I scared the crap out of Rich. Of course I know the road very well as I’ve been driving it several times a year for the almost 30 plus years.

We made it safely to Ucluelet and we had dinner at Jay’s Outside Inn with him who was my former sub reps for O’Neill Wetsuits. Marc another employee of mine also joined us. So great to see them both!

Later that evening Bill of Long Beach Surf Shop who I dealt with for over 20 years selling him O’Neill wetsuits joined us at Jay’s place and then we headed to Bill’s place where he generously offered his upstairs loft for us to stay overnight as well as the following night.

I strongly recommend to follow along on Polarsteps.

You can see the trip by clicking on this link below.

Best also to subscribe as you will get up to date live updates instead of waiting a day for my blog to get updated.

I’ll also be posting to UTUBE for fun videos including the drive where I’m scaring the pants out of Rich.

Thanks for following Mary Ann’s Electric Drive.


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