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POD CAST by Andrew McCredie


As most of you know I completed Mary Ann’s Electric Drive on September 2nd a total of 22,383 KM.

A few days after I arrived home I was invited by Andrew McCredie of Post Media, to be interviewed for Andrew McCredie’s new series of Pod Casts called Plugged In. Andrew did an article on my cross continent trip in the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers that was published just a few days after the trip started. This podcast talks alot about the experiences and of the trip itself especially regarding the challenges in the more remote areas of Canada.

To listen to the podcast simply click on this link.

Even though the podcast was taped on September 5th just 3 days after I returned home it was only aired on December 11th and coincidentally the same day of Mary Ann’s Electric Drive Wrap Up Party and Fund Raiser for Mary Ann’s favourite charity of the VHG Foundation with funds directed to Dr. Chris Honey’s research for Parkinson’s and other Brain Disorders. A feature of the December 11th event was the presentation by Dr. Honey where he talked about his relationship with my wife Mary Ann and of course his work and his research. It was a real eye opener for those who attended how they found out how important and successful his work is. For the last 20 years his research team has not only found brand new treatments and cures for a variety of different brain disorders but also he heads up the largest training center in Canada for Parkinson’s treatment relief. To find out more about Dr. Honeys work please visit .

I will also take this opportunity to say that during and leading up to the fund raiser about $13,000 has been raised and I’m a bit short of my goal of $1.00 per every kilometer driven or $22,383. If you see it in your heart to add to this total and help us reach this goal it would be greatly appreciated. It’s going to a very worthy cause, if you are from Canada you will get a tax deductible receipt as well as a gift of a Mary Ann’s Electric Drive 2020 calendar featuring some of the best photos from my trip. To donate please click this link to take you to the donation page. Mary Ann’s favourite Charity of supporting Parkinson’s, and other Brain Disorder Functional Neurosurgery

Part of the fund raiser evening I presented a 24 minute video documentary of Mary Ann’s Electric Drive. The film was extremely well received and I will be posting the video for all to see on my YouTube Channel in a day or two, but in the mean time you can still check out some of the videos I did on Mary Ann’s Electric Drive.

As I mentioned above in a day or two I'll be sending you a link to the Video. I'm sure you will like it.

Thanks to all of you that have followed along on my blog and contributed to Mary Ann's Favorite Charity.



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